On these pages we document everything you need to know about our EDI platform.

Here you will find, among other things, the manual for the portal, the parameters for our interfaces, as well as frequently asked questions (FAQ).


First steps

Getting started using the myOpenFactory portal

For Users

Everything you need to know about the checking of incoming documents

User profile

All settings that you can make under “My Profile”

Manager controls

All important features for manager

Additional functionalities

More functionalities worth knowing for users




Here you´ll find the parameters to all supported transport-routes / -protocols.

File formats

Here you’ll find information about file formats.



Troubleshooting certificates

Solutions for the most common problems

Troubleshooting EDI-Connector

Solutions for the most common problems

Requirements WebEDI

Duties and responsibilities of the sponsor of WebEDI suppliers in accordance with the user agreement § 3.11

Internet Explorer

Information regarding the end of support for Internet Explorer by August 31, 2022.